Tadd and Jefferson go Mining for Data in Wyoming

CAN is helping one of our clients improve their asset management strategy, by building predictive models to determine when heavy equipment is most likely to fail.
CAN’s asset management models will allow our client save hundreds of thousands of dollars each year, by converting emergency repairs into scheduled maintenance.  Imagine the money and time that can be saved if repairs can be preemptively made in several hours instead of the weeks or months it takes to make repairs in the field.
While we could have developed the model from our offices in the Old Market, we needed to make sure that we understood the conditions on the ground. Jefferson and Tadd decided to take a trip to Wyoming and spend a week learning about the machines and interviewing the experts that use the equipment on a daily basis.
Their goal was to make sure that we had political support from the people that were going to use our models, and that we could build balanced models that combine data, theory and math.  The following are some of the photos from their trip.  I hope you enjoy.

Mining for Data

We might push paper for a living, but we love to get our hands dirty to build beautiful models and to understand your business! Please contact us to learn how we can help you.


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