Using AI to fight scam calls

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a solution we can build at Contemporary Analysis. One of the biggest questions about AI is “what can it do?”. So many people see AI and jump straight to terminator movies. But it can be so much more. In our journey to find you examples, we found an entertaining way to look at AI and how it was used to fight scam calls. The clip is from the YouTuber Kitboga.

Lately it seems like we are getting more calls that are scams than actual calls from friends and family. The scammers are persistent and they won’t stop until they get paid.

Unfortunately, the largest target of these scammers are elderly people who may or may not fully understand technology. In a matter of minutes the scammer has made off with hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Kitboga is known for his antics driving scammers crazy and taking up as much of their time as possible. In doing so he is keeping them from making dozens of calls to other victims. He’s truly a master of wasting scammers time and driving them insane.

The AI in this video was built for entertainment purposes and YouTube views. But it showcases the importance of building and then training your AI.

If you’ve got a directive or are just curious about what AI could do for your company. Give us a call and we’ll see how we can help!

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