Our solutions are used by fast-growing technology companies, Fortune 500s, as well as small- and medium-sized organizations.

Data Science

We are passionate about Data Science in all its formats.


With our multi-faceted approach we build some truly unique solutions.


Through our Data Science Academy we can train individuals or entire teams.


We work collaboratively with other experts to build cutting edge software solutions.

For over a decade Contemporary Analysis has been leading the Data Science community in the Midwest.

Since 2008, Contemporary Analysis (CAN) has been the way companies learn about, implement, and support: data-driven decision making, predictive analytics, data science, AI, and machine learning. This might also include things like Application Development, Business Intelligence, Data Visualization, Data Warehouse, and Data Engineering.

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We help businesses of all sizes to increase visibility, drive more traffic and improve commercial success.

Empower the great to build something greater.

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We understand the secrets of the world's most successful business teams.

Nate Watson

Nate is the President of Contemporary Analysis, LLC and our subsidiaries. Nate has a passion for enabling talented people to do amazing things.

Nate Watson
Gordon Summers
Principal Data Scienctist

Gordon is the lead data scientist for many of the projects at Contemporary Analysis. He is also the lead developer for many of the subsidiary projects we have built over they years.

Gordon Summers
Principal Data Scienctist
Nick Rosenberry

Nick brings his engineering background and a love of process to CAN. He has been instrumental in helping orchestrate structure and process-driven results into our work.

Nick Rosenberry
Carrie Rosenberry
General Council

Carrie has an extensive background in intellectual property and contract law. With the wide variety of verticals, we operate in her work with our legal documents is vital to our success.

Carrie Rosenberry
General Council

Learn about the importance of structuring your data with our Data Hierarchy Series.

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Our Subsidiaries

Occasionally, we create a solution that can benefit an entire industry. These solutions become subsidiaries of Contemporary Analysis and are truly, Powered by CAN
Omaha Data Science Academy
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RTR 500X500
FCR 500X500
IBT 500X500

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