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CAN Business Development Officer, Justin Trowbridge, Featured Bellevue Alumni.

Recently our very own Justin Trowbridge was featured in a piece in the Bellevue University Alumni Blog.

After getting his BS in Industrial Design years ago Justin went back to school prior to to coming to CAN to get his Masters in Marketing. Thankfully for us he’s retained his technical acumen and ability to solve problems creatively.

Justin came on board with CAN in December of last year and has been busy working on all things CAN. That includes our Data Science Academy, Inventory Batch Tracker, and Hemp Batch Tracker solutions.

“I was in the first cohort class for the MS in Marketing degree at Bellevue. They didn’t have an option for in person classes at the time so it was all online.” said Trowbridge. “When we did the photo shoot, I was blown away there was a 3 story indoor waterfall on campus!”

You can read the full article on the Bellevue University Alumni Blog link below.

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