Data Hierarchy

Data Hierarchy is a concept we put forward to deal with a common problem. We were finding a majority of the companies working with data projects were falling short of what was possible. Companies were spinning up single stage data science applications and thinking that was it.

We realized the people working day to day in the data wanted to do more. The disconnect wasn’t in the data execution it was from above. Even more complicated is the C-Suite wasn’t “anti data” they just didn’t understand how the magic worked.

What was happening is companies were going from A to B with a solution. For example, if you never had Business Intelligence before and you do now…you’ve “done data science”. The application of data beyond that was a C D or R level project. When asked to do more a lot of people were getting “we already did it” as a response.

So with that in mind we wrote the Data Hierarchy Series. We specifically wrote it to help C-Suite and other decision-makers see the data landscape. We also knew that time was precious for this group and it couldn’t be technical. The end result was our Data Hierarchy E-Book.

Data Hierarchy walks people through the 6 stages of Data Science projects. The stages are: Reporting, Business Intelligence, Descriptive Data, Predictive Data, Prescriptive Data, and finally Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning. Each stage builds on the foundation of the last but can be approached in a non-linear methodology.

Our e-book helps executives and even teams realize they are in a marathon and not a sprint. When you identify your end goal, even loosely, you can begin to work toward it logically. By understanding there are X number of projects between your starting point and your end goal you can plan accordingly.

Steps in going from BI to Predictive to AI

To see how your organization can move up the data hierarchy, see our unique process.

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