Rethinking Business Intelligence Software

People don’t care about business intelligence software, they care about what it can do for them.  CAN is built on this idea.  Instead of focusing on business intelligence software, we are focused on providing answers directly to our clients.  We are improving this process by launching the CAN Portal.  The Portal is how we work with our clients.  It will allow you to get better answers faster and more securely.
What are your objectives?

CAN doesn’t provide tools, we provide solutions.  We work with our clients to understand their objectives.  Some clients only have one objective, and others have many objectives.  A CAN Navigator will help you pick the right objectives to help you work smart. Would you like to schedule a demo?

Who is on your team? 
CAN goes beyond data and math, we know that success requires that we understand your business.  This requires engaging multiple members of your business.  The CAN Portal allows you to set the roles of each member of your team.  Some people will have multiple roles, and some will just have one.
Roles include:

  • Data Experts: They know where to find your data and what it means.  Data experts are able to upload data using Portal to CAN’s SSAE 16, HIPAA, and PCI compliant data center.
  • Variable Reviewers: They understand your business, you customers, and your employees.  These people are typically executives and managers.
  • Model Explorers: They know what has happened in the past.  They are responsible for making sure that the model is producing accurate results based on their knowledge of the business.
  • Report Viewers: They need access to a summary and explanation of CAN’s results.
  • Data Downloaders:  They will be responsible for importing the results into your sales, marketing and customer service systems.

Operational or Strategic? 
Portal allows you to control how frequently you would like to receive updates.  The frequency depends on whether the application is strategic or operational, and how dynamic your client base is.  The most common frequency is monthly.  However, for companies that are using the results to make strategic decisions they can get by with the semi-annually or quarterly subscriptions.
Portal keeps your project moving, allows you to work together, and allows you to track the process of your projects.  Tasks are delivered by role, and they can be completed using linked worksheets.  Inline memos allow you to participate in discussions or start new discussions.  The timeline will allow you to always know where your project is.

Portal isn’t just another tool.  It is a way of delivering the right solution quickly, securely and collaboratively.  CAN will continue to deliver simple solutions to help companies work smart.

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