Reverse Your Sales Cycle: Research 1st, Present 2nd

The CAN sales team has been able improve customer satisfaction, close more deals and spend our time more effectively by adopting a 2 part sales process. Our process consists of qualifying our clients during the first sales call, and then returning to make a sales presentation if we think that the client will be able to benefit from one of our systems.
This changes the dynamics of our sales calls, because we are not there to win the approval of our prospects or simply drown them with information on our products. Instead we are meeting with them to research whether or not our products are a good fit for their needs. Our prospective clients appreciate that we strive to only provide our solutions to people that have the need, willingness and resources to purchase our solutions.
We start the first meeting by explaining that we aren’t there to impress them or get them to like us, but to research whether or not we can help their business. We will only make a second presentation if they can demonstrate a clear need, willingness and set of resources. If they meet the requirements and are able to get all of the key decision makers to the second meeting we will present our understanding of their business and problem, and how what impact our solution could have on their business. We don’t focus on the feature of our solution or how it works, but instead on what their business would be like with our solution.  (Read a Related Post)


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