Exploring the New Frontiers with Data Science

At CAN we explore new frontiers with data science. Most of us think of our world as having already been explored. After all, the days of Magellan and Columbus are literally history, and today we can pull up Google Maps to view satellite and street-level images of every square mile of our planet within seconds. The generations before us sailed new seas, crossed continents and mapped lands that were completely foreign to them. Future generations will be exploring the cosmos and travelling to distant planets. And so it seems as if there aren’t any bold new frontiers for the explorers of our time, but that’s not true.

We live in the digital age, discovering new frontiers using computers, data and the Internet. This world is growing in complexity and we are venturing out to map it and settle it. According to Google’s Eric Schmidt, we now create as much new data in 2 days, as we did from the dawn of civilization up to 2003. We produce 5 exabytes of data every 2 days. (1 exabyte = 1000 petabytes = 1,000,000 terabytes)

This new landscape of data science can be as foreign and complex to many of us as the Great Plains were to the early settlers. Where do we begin? Where are we going and how do we get there? What resources do we have to gain from this bold, new world?

Venturing into the cyber wilderness can be a daunting endeavor for those of us who are unfamiliar to the territory, and that’s why we need someone who knows the lay of the land and how to navigate it. You need a guide you can trust, someone who is knowledgeable and unafraid of what lies ahead on the journey you wish to take. You need a Pioneer.

Established in 2008, Contemporary Analysis is at the forefront of exploring and interpreting data. We apply proven strategies and technologies to extract maximum value from data science for our customers, which include Banks, Construction Companies, Life Insurance, Agri-Businesses, Universities and many more. We can solve a variety of problems ranging from what projects to bid on, forecasting sales and commodity prices and identifying potential customers.  We use data of all sizes, velocities, and complexity. Sometimes we are even able to find data which our clients didn’t know exist.  We do all this to help our clients create new solutions to their most common business problems.

You already know your business.  You’ve gathered mountains of data and years of experience doing what you do.  We won’t claim to have a greater knowledge of your industry or your company, but we are confident that we can find patterns that will help you and your team to better understand what works best.  After completing over 300 projects, we understand that each company, problem and solution is unique.

Here at CAN, we are pioneering a new landscapes by using data science and computers, not covered wagons. You may have a particular destination in mind that we can help you to arrive at, or maybe you’re just wanting to be at the forefront of this great, digital land grab.  We understand that information is the new gold rush and we want to help you sift and sort it to your greatest benefit.

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