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Here’s a glimpse at predictive analytics

We help businesses sort through their data and fix their problems. What kinds of problems? Really, anything that collects data: sales, marketing, customer service, management, and more.

In the most simple terms, we at CAN find meaning in data, then help predict what is most likely to happen so companies can be ahead of their problems.

That’s what we call predictive analytics. 

When we start a project, we start with piles and piles of seemingly nonsensical information. Customer data, sales data, systems data, machinery data, even employee data–stuff that’s been piling up at a business, probably being forgotten.

And then we find patterns in that data. Once we have those patterns, we can practically predict the future. We can find solutions to almost any kind of business problem and help you understand and plan for those problems while they are small and inexpensive to fix.

Since 2008 CAN has helped over 100 companies use predictive analytics to find patterns in their business data. We’ve worked with some of the largest companies in the midwest including KiewitGavilon, Mutual of Omaha, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, and West. CAN holds the reputation of solving the hardest problems in the Omaha data science field.

That feeling? Of taking something chaotic and making it make sense? Of actually fixing something that’s broken? Of stepping away from a project, a business, and knowing that we’ve made it work better? Smarter?

We can’t get enough.

That’s why we’re in predictive analytics — complicated problems need complicated solutions built in a way you can actually understand them.

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