Dashboards and Visualization

Contemporary Analysis (CAN) was founded on the simple idea of helping companies work with Big Data. The starting point for any data-driven business is dashboards and visualization.

Dashboards (or visualizations) are ways to visually see your data. This allows you to understand your data significantly faster as well as absorb more information. This often is alongside of reports, but eventually replaces the report as you can access data dynamically, that is, see historic trends, explore the data, and ask the data questions. This is far superior to a static report.

This isn’t an easy process though. Data Visualizations is an art just as much as it is a science. It doesn’t take looking at examples of the same data visualized different ways to understand there are okay ways to look at data and then there are great ways.

We at Contemporary Analysis have spent the better part of a decade learning the best ways to visualize data. Our team goes to conferences, takes classes, and is always learning more about the best ways to understand a large volume of data quickly. This might include color and how it makes a difference, how to arrange visualizations, tools, chart types, and annotations.

This is not your mother’s excel spreadsheet charts. This is something totally different.

This is understanding data on a whole other level.

Don’t believe us? Give us a chance to prove how we can make your visualizations really sing.