Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) is a game-changer for companies who are just getting started with data.

It can be difficult as BI solutions can take multiple forms and there are different methods for each. At Contemporary Analysis (CAN), we are software agnostic–meaning we are more interested in finding the right solution than selling a particular software.

We also design and build our solutions backward from the rest of the industry. We first take the time to understand how you are going to use the results before we build a solution. This ensures our finished solution is useable and has buy-in from key stakeholders before we even begin.

As we build, our methodology of building the end first allows us to verify new features work on the spot. This methodology helps you avoid costly post-production chasing of “broken” data points as well as identifying missing data points. Rather than forcing a fit to get a semi-accurate reading, we can go back to the data collection and adjust for the full solution.

This ensures your solution is accurate, works, and has buy-in with little risk of failure. This is important as your companies foray into BI is important for its growth and survival. However, the ability to gain insight into your day to day operations is just the first step into data-driven decision making.

Once you’ve got a solid BI solution groundwork laid, you’ll be able to move on to other stages like predictive analytics and machine learning quickly and easily. Lucky for you, CAN helps companies move through the data hierarchy faster and easier than if a company tries to do it alone.

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