Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is the pinnacle of data-driven decision making. It is when your machine learning model has made enough recommendations that you trust, that you allow the model to start making automated decisions. Many companies aspire to have this level of data-driven decision making, others are fearful of AI and the lack of oversight in their decisions. This is why you cannot jump directly to AI. You have to build a model that works and that you trust long before you give it the keys to the kingdom.

CAN views AI as just the culmination of a long process. To get to AI there are multiple milestones that need to be accounted for to get a successful deployment.  These milestones are outlined in greater detail in our data science hierarchy.

Here at CAN, we take the time to understand your needs and make sure AI is truly the right fit. Frequently our clients approach us asking for AI when they really need a sophisticated form of machine learning. We may have talked ourselves out of a more lucrative contract in the process, but our clients expect honesty and integrity in our development.