Why CAN Choose Omaha, NE for Headquarters

On the GROW Omaha radio show this week, Jefferson and I were asked why we choose Omaha as our headquarters for CAN.  I am writing this post because we did not have enough time to fully explain why we choose to headquarter our burgeoning technology company in Omaha, NE.
We choose to headquarter CAN in Omaha because of our results oriented culture, isolation, and business community.
Results Oriented Culture: In Nebraska, customers demand value.  To survive, businesses have to produce products that fulfills essential needs at a reasonable price.  We knew that this results oriented culture would help us create a business that provides real value for our customers and help to keep our business focused on the long-term instead of quick wins.
Isolation and Focus: Starting a business in Nebraska has its challenges, however, constraints often produce creative solutions.  With a state population of 1.8 million, isolation has been CAN’s biggest constraint.  Isolation has forced CAN to learn to build a national client base  using blogging, social networks and virtual meetings.  We have also had to develop a product and sales process that allowed us to sell our solutions quickly without a significant sales lag.  We are one of the few data science companies capable of a one-touch sales process and scaling cost effectively across the United States and globe.
Business Community: Omaha, with a population of 408,958, is the headquarters of five Fortune 500 companies, and four Fortune 1000 companies.  The density of businesses in Omaha create an environment that enable startups to grow rapidly.  Especially for CAN, with our focus on helping businesses answer their most important business questions, Omaha was ideal because of the number of potential customers located just blocks away from our office.  CAN has also been able to take advantage of Omaha’s experienced and talented business executives to provide us the valuable mentoring and insight we need to succeed.


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