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We have been working on a new website. Not our current website is bad, but we knew we could do better. We knew we could be more authentic. For us this meant getting way from business buzz words, and being more engaging. We wanted our website to reflect what we are like in person.
The new site will launch in January or February of 2013, but I couldn’t wait to share a little. We have been working with Oxide Design Co. in Omaha and this is brand story that Rainbow Rowell developed. It captures who we are, what we do, but most importantly why we do it. If you ever meet one of us in person, it is obvious that we work because we love what we do. So here we go, CAN’s brand story!

Here’s the truth about Contemporary Analysis:
We help businesses sort through their data and fix their problems . . .
Because it makes our brains happy.
Oh, it makes our customers happy, too – make no mistake. Our customers love that we find real meaning in their data. That we suggest actual solutions that actually work.
But that’s not why we do it.
We do it to feed our brains.
When we start a project, we start with piles and piles of seemingly nonsensical information. Customer data, sales data, employee data. Stuff that’s just been piling up at a business, not doing anybody any good.
And then we find patterns in that data. Once we have a pattern, we can practically predict the future. We can find solutions to almost any kind of business problem.
That feeling? Of taking something chaotic and making it make sense? Of actually fixing something that’s broken? Of stepping away from a project, a business, and knowing that we’ve made it work better? Smarter?
We can’t get enough.
That’s why we’re in predictive analytics – hungry brains need complicated work.


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