FCR 500X500

Food Checkr

Food Checkr is a joint venture between Contemporary Analysis and Appsky Labs. We were approached by a client with a time sensitive need to update their software package before a change in fees took effect. The group was not thrilled at a triple the normal value monthly use fee and no other system was in place.

We realized the functionality was similar to our line of tracker solutions. Working with the team at Appsky we are developing a solution to help daycare facilities get reimbursed through the USDA food programs. When completed the program will provide data tracking of all points as well as facilitate full reimbursement of funds to these providers.

We are excited to be helping so many children and families with proper nutrition through this government program.

IBT 500X500

Inventory Batch Tracker

Inventory Batch Tracker is a solution we developed for a major food manufacturing company. When they acquired 70+ co-manufacutring facilities they needed a way to track ingredients for recall purposes.

When they approached their enterprise software provider the six figure per facility license fee ground the project to a halt. They then approached their internal team and were faced with a significant delay in deployment due to a backlog of projects.

So, they turned to Contemporary Analysis to develop a light weight recall tool. CAN built Inventory Batch Tracker but offered to retain the intellectual property for future resale. In exchange the company would agree to be the first customer on the platform and beta test all future releases.

With that Inventory Batch Tracker was born. Since it was first deployed the concepts and lessons learned through tracking have lead to an entire subset of new software platforms for specific verticals.

RTR 500X500

Range Trackr

Range Trackr is another variant of our tracker series. We were approached by a training facility for both civilians and law enforcement. There were very few programs designed to track round count through firearms. This lead to logistical problems when you look at the longevity and reliability of that weapon over time.

As we discussed the starting point we realized the typical user could benefit from additional tracking. We expanded the capabilities to include tracking of training sessions or classes, other equipment such as narcan or quickclot, and other critical equipment in the field.

Range Trackr has the ability to streamline already tight budgets for law enforcement agencies and provide digital tracking for training and certification.

HBT 500X500

Hemp Batch Tracker

Industrial Hemp became federally legal with the Farm Bill in 2018. Hemp as a crop is unlike anything else we’ve grow in the united states. At every turn you need to prove its legal hemp and not illegal marijuana.

As we were working on other uses for our Inventory Batch Tracker solution we realized there was no such solution in the hemp space. We reached out to the growing community of hemp producers and realized we were on to something.

Hemp Batch Tracker builds on the lessons learned from our previous efforts with food manufacturing. Knowing our solution works with USDA, FDA, and CDC recall protocol we were ahead of the curve for future hemp requirements.

Our solution tracks from seed genetics all the way through the growing and processing of hemp to the end consumer. When fully deployed we are a one stop shop for everything related to hemp production and data. We provide a law enforcement and state agency license for FREE to support their efforts in a confusing time of (now) legal hemp.

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