Inventory Batch Tracker

Inventory Batch Tracker is a solution we developed for a major food manufacturing company. When they acquired 70+ co-manufacutring facilities they needed a way to track ingredients for recall purposes.

When they approached their enterprise software provider the six figure per facility license fee ground the project to a halt. They then approached their internal team and were faced with a significant delay in deployment due to a backlog of projects.

So, they turned to Contemporary Analysis to develop a light weight recall tool. CAN built Inventory Batch Tracker but offered to retain the intellectual property for future resale. In exchange the company would agree to be the first customer on the platform and beta test all future releases.

With that Inventory Batch Tracker was born. Since it was first deployed the concepts and lessons learned through tracking have lead to an entire subset of new software platforms for specific verticals.



Date published

April 1, 2020