The Omaha Data Science Academy

CAN is excited to announce, in partnership with the Interface Web School, the creation of Omaha’s first Data Science Academy (ODSA). 
This is something we have been working on for a long time. It is actually a continuation of a service we currently offer to clients where we train a company’s first data scientist. We feel this unique person, trained in both data science and business problem solving, is needed by their company to help implement the ideology more than produce mathematical models or produce visualizations.
In the past, we heard that while companies know how to find and hire a data scientist, they fear not being able to utilize this person or even know how to correctly scope how to use predictive analytics in their business. This caused them to not execute or to execute poorly and leave a bad taste in the organization’s mouth.
CAN has discovered that having a data science advocate (instead of just a data scientist) usually fixes the hangup with implementation in most companies trying to use data science for the first time. The realization there was a considerable lack of talent when looking to fill this need, led us to develop a school that teaches not only entry level data science, but also how to address the political red tape prevalent in changing how an operation thinks and makes decisions.

This academy will help CAN reach its goal of putting a data science advocate in every company in Omaha. While audacious, we feel this is a must to keep Omaha companies relevant in an economy where we are not just in competition from a company down the street but from every other company doing similar work around the world.

This certificate will teach some of the most important techniques and tools necessary to introduce data science into company culture, get necessary political buy-in, find, manipulate, and analyze the data present inside your company’s database, make predictions of outcomes, and create visualizations that can help non-technical users understand and see the identified trends and patterns inside the data.  
The ODSA is designed to help set a company down the road of data discovery and data-driven decision making. While not the heavy mathematician or economist created by four year degrees, the graduate will leave the Academy with the confidence and the skills of an entry-level data scientist and be able to have conversations with business units, build predictive analytical MVPs, and be able to know and manage the skill sets needed for future data scientist projects.

The Certificate consists of 4 Modules: 

  • Basics of Python Programming
  • Data Manipulation and Management
  • Statistics and Computational Modeling
  • Data Visualization


All classes meet 2 nights per week for 20 weeks over the course of 28 weeks for a total of 154 hours of in-class instruction to complete the certificate.

For more information on course offerings and to apply, go to
You may also contact Nate Watson, director of the academy, at if you have specific questions about offerings or custom classes. 
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