Matt Hoover Dynamo

Matt Hoover Reps the Startup Collaborative

Check out the video below of one of our data scientists and Director of Data Visualization Matt Hoover giving a tour of the The Startup Collaborative. Matt was interviewed by Omaha tech company Dynamo. Dynamo is a new kind of IT consulting and recruiting agency that is based on an understanding of who companies actually need — valuing people and culture fit over transactions and placement fees.

Dynamo + Matt Hoover from Brody Deren on Vimeo.

CAN HQ @ The Exchange Building

In the video you’ll watch Matt as he shows off the Omaha Startup Collaborative’s coworking space at the Exchange Building, learn a little about the Omaha Data Science Academy, and see up close footage of CAN’s headquarters. Matt also mentions his newest project involving March Madness, Creighton basketball, Tableau, and statistics. Sound intriguing? Find out more here.

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