The Right Approach to Good First Impressions

While you need to be genuine, it is always the best sales strategy to know how to approach someone for the first time. This will help you quickly establish trust, and make a good first impression, with a new potential client. The following are some of the approaches that we recommend to our clients depending on the potential clients personality type, education and work experience. The basic principal is to pick a sales approach that allows the person to see a little bit of himself or herself in you. If you can successfully do this, without making it obvious, the people that you talk to will be more trusting and willing to connect with you quicker.

The Ego

This person wants to feel important, and they will most likely respond to you and possibly purchase your product to satisfy an egotistical need.

The Expert

The person considers themselves to be an expert in their field, and will expect you to have a minimum knowledge of their field, or to be an expert if you are approaching them about something in their field.

The Good Samaritan

These people are very open to being contacted, but they don’t want to be sold. They want to help out and listen to someone.

The Skeptic

With skeptical people you want to lead with facts and figures. They won’t agree to a meeting with you unless you have case studies, testimonials, and/or an impressive client list.

The Explorer

These people are very open to being contacted, because they love learning about new things. When you approach them about an opportunity, it has to be unique and also be exciting.

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