LinkedIn August Workforce Report

LinkedIn released their August workforce report today which revealed that the demand for data scientists has increased dramatically since 2015. Almost every large U.S. city has a shortage of data scientists in some capacity. This could be due to the fact that more industries are beginning to incorporate data science, from manufacturing to agriculture.  
To help with the shortage, Contemporary Analysis has a developed a solution to this very problem called Data-Science-as-a-Service (DSaaS). DSaaS allows a company to have an entirely staffed data science team in one day—no job descriptions, no hiring. Our team is experienced in helping form a vision around what your particular data science team needs are, and then has the wisdom and skill set to execute those needs.
But this doesn’t solve the actual problem of needing company employee data scientists. So we added training to our repertoire.
CAN has developed both an off site school as well as a training regimen for an on-site class to train current employees to meet your data science news. This way, you get the talent you need from employees you already have.
Then, upon reaching pre-arranged milestones, CAN provides back all the knowledge and IP, no black boxes, so your company can own and run the department. We then step into an staff augmentation role providing support when needed ensuring companies success and sustainability of your new data science department.

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