Grant's Interview with recently ask readers to nominate entrepreneurs and companies that they thought had a great idea or story to share.  Ali Schwanke from Leadership Resources nominated Contemporary Analysis.  Three Pillars Media produced this great video about CAN’s product development strategy and the difference between small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Contemporary Analysis was founded on the premise that there is always a better way. In fact, we exist to help you find better ways to work smart. We do this using a methodology called predictive analytics.
Predictive analytics involves collecting data about your business and customers, and then applying theory and math to build simple systems to help you work more effectively and efficiently.
Our systems are tailored to fit your company no matter how big or small or what industry you are in. We have built simple systems for fast-growing technology companies, Fortune 500 companies as well as small companies in a variety of industries including community colleges, insurance companies, software companies and engineering firms.

  • Patrick Stevens says:

    Nice video Grant!
    Quick question, would you consider yourself a “good lifer” or a “rule breaker”? (self employed vs. entrepreneur)
    Do you think you can be both?

    • Anonymous says:

      Great question! What separates small business owners from entrepreneurs is their motivations, which in the long run are driven by their natural tendencies. Small business owners are typically motivated by having the freedom to pursue their craft on their own terms. They tend to be excellent tradesmen or technicians, and this is what motivates and allows them to become small business owners. Entrepreneurs are typically motivated by a tendency towards risk and disruption. They tend to start businesses because they don’t have a trade, and don’t fit in any where else. Their value is that they are willing to try things that others have typically already failed at, and often succeed because they can’t understand why no one else sees the world the way they do. Entrepreneurs go beyond doing something new, they challenge proven assumptions.
      In the short run, small business owners can become entrepreneurs, and entrepreneurs can become small business owners, but in the long run natural tendencies will take over. After a while small business owners will trend towards perfecting their craft, and entrepreneurs will trend towards risking everything they have to “foolishly” challenging proven assumptions.

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