From the CAN Vault: History of Predictive Analytics Since 1689

History is a fascination for us at CAN for two reasons. The first is that we find our own history pretty fascinating. Did you know that CAN has been around for 9 years? Pretty cool.
The second reason is that we want the world to know that predictive analytics isn’t a new field of the 21st century. It’s been around for a long, long time in some form or another. Intrigued? Check out a piece we wrote back in 2013: “The History of Predictive Analytics: Since 1689”.
This post is part of our “From the CAN Vault” series that highlights some of the gems of our blog from the past 9 years. These articles are written by current staff but also members of our alumni network. This week’s throwback was written by Tadd Wood, who was a data scientist at CAN for 7 years and now lives in Silicon Valley.

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