CAN 2013: We’re Taking Our Own Medicine

Grant Stanley, CEO of Contemporary Analysis, stands in front of his wildly smart team at a recent company meeting to unveil his strategic plan for 2013. The plan includes comparing critical performance numbers internally against given benchmarks. Grant and CAN’s HR Director Nino Natasti have developed ways to track and classify the active SaaS projects in our pipeline, the productivity and workflow of our Data Scientists, and the traffic on our website in order to “determine whether or not we are adding meaningful value to the company and our people in the coming year.”
One data scientist astutely remarked, “It’s like we’re taking our own medicine.”
Speaking of medicine, I would say CAN’s operations are akin to operations in a hospital. No we don’t save lives every day, but just like a team of medical professionals, our data scientists use industry-leading technologies to inform decision-making processes. With your data, we can build decision-making models to predict the most important factors in your business.
And we won’t let red tape and redundancy stand in our way. There is no doubt we’re ready to solve your problems. Our internal analytics department and HIPA, FERPA, SSAE16, and PCI compliances are in place to make sure your Business Intelligence tools are accurate, effective, and easy to interpret. We’ve checked into the new age of Analytics, have you?

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