Software Development

While we are “software agnostic” at Contemporary Analysis there are solutions that need to be created from scratch. While this isn’t a core line of business for us we have seen a growing need from our clients to build out customized solutions.

These solutions typically come up when the problem is industry wide. Many times “close enough” is the industry standard. When you’re making due with a close enough fit a perfect fit seems like a pipe dream.

“Its the way we’ve always done it” is the mantra of companies who are getting passed by with innovation. So, we work with partners to find that “new way” of doing things. These “right sized” solutions are always built with the core elements of our Data Science principles.

Custom development can be costly when done incorrectly. So, when the solution fits the model, we develop it with joint ownership. We retain the intellectual property or can jointly own it and then resell the solution to other companies with the same issues.

This works great when the solution fits a wide range of operations across a vertical. Typically the partner organization would get the current version of the solution and the rest of the industry would be a version behind. After all, if you’re going to innovate for a competitive advantage, you should benefit from your innovation first.

Group of business people collaborating in office

These solutions have already resulted in several of our subsidiary companies. Some of these are jointly held with our partners and others the partner is the “first client” on the platform. Either way its a win win for everyone involved.

If you have a legacy program that is just barely getting the job done. Or if you’ve got an idea on how to change the way technology applies to your industry, let us know. We’re always happy to kick ideas around and see how we can help. You may even get to meet some of our partner companies who help us develop some of the most agile solutions out there.