Data Science-as-a-Service

Instantly find ROI in: Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, HR, Operations, Strategic Planning, and/or Data-Driven Decision Making — by hiring a team whose ultimate goal is to train yours.

By hiring our team, you get the benefits of having:

Instant Team:

Work is done on day one instead of job descriptions, interviews, notice, onboarding, and weeks of training.


Multiple Staff From Day One:

You get ROI in weeks instead of months.


Multidiscipline Capabilities:

Instead of hiring one person with limited knowledge, you get Senior wisdom in: Programming, Data Engineering, Data Platforming, Data Modeling, and Data Visualization.


Less Risk of Failure:

We have implemented the data science culture necessary for success in long term, data-driven-decision-making multiple times across many verticals.


Higher Success of Long Term Adoption

Staff Augmentation capabilities allow your company’s first data scientist to be be a strategist instead of a producer.  


No Risk of Poaching:

No high profile, highly skilled, concentrated knowledge to be headhunted by competition.


Internal Data Science Team

Upon reaching pre-arranged milestones, CAN provides back all the knowledge and IP, no black boxes, so your company can own and run the department — then augments your staff as needed for future projects.