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Nate Watson, president of Contemporary Analysis (CAN), talks about the Omaha Data Science Academy (ODSA). The ODSA is Omaha’s first accredited school specific to skills related to Data Science. It was started because we saw a need to help individuals at companies who already had a degree, but needed a few new skill sets to accomplish the tasks given to them by their companies. The ODSA teaches data science programming, database, data visualization, and modeling. Taught by practicing data scientists, a student is going to get real-world knowledge about how to build and implement real, functional, and useable models and visualizations into their companies.

In the real world, the answer isn’t in the back of the book. We will take the time to walk you through the process we know will work, and that we have used hundreds of times to solve some of the hardest problems for some of the largest companies. This includes real-world examples, real-world problems, and real data sets from real projects. This exposure means you get to learn in an actual environment where the answer is rarely perfect. We will also teach you what “good enough” means in data science and why you have to be okay with moving forward with models that could be better. (Good enough is the opposite of perfect. Trying to chase perfection in a model kills more data science in the real world than anything else). Lastly, we will look at how to present and sell data science to the organization. After all, if the organization doesn’t use it, regardless of the potential ROI, your actual ROI will be zero.

In our latest video, we will discuss why having access to the ODSA is important to the community, why skill training from practicing data scientists is important to implementing data science into companies, and the challenges companies face with implementing Data Science.

Nate Watson talking about Omaha Data Science Academy
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