Formula 1 and Predictive Analytics

A couple weeks ago, I discussed the use of predictive analytics in the transportation industry, specifically the use of acoustic bearing monitors to predict bearing failures on Union Pacific freight trains. Today the conversation turns to predictive analytics in a very different type of transportation, Formula One (F1) racing. Download our Case Study on Mechanical Failure and Predictive Analytics.
F1 is to many the pinnacle of motor sports. F1 has the most technologically advanced cars, the most skilled drivers (some compensated $50+ million per year), the most exotic race locations, and yes, the most beautiful paddock girls. Formula One is a closely sanctioned “space race” creating and refining innovative and ground breaking technologies including traction control, anti-lock brakes, direct injection, synthetic oil, kinetic energy recovery systems (KERS), carbon fiber, and computational fluid dynamics (CFD).┬áMany advancements made in technology by F1 teams have contributed to the efficiency and safety of everyday vehicles. (more…)

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