Is the US Economy Doomed to Stagnation?

I have listened to a lot of conversations about how we are worse off than our parents, how the United State’s Economy is doomed, and how United State’s position as a World Power is doomed. This month I had more conversations than usual about the Great Stagnation.
It is easy to get discouraged about the Great Stagnation. Is the sky falling? It might be, how would I know? Also, after a hard day it is attractive to think that the entire system is broke and we are all doomed to stagnation
However, In the back of my mind I knew things couldn’t be stagnating. Infact, things are changing faster than ever. Confusion, ambiguity, fear and uncertainty are not the result of stagnation. They are emotions caused by rapid growth and new paradigms.
We have failed to realize that we now live in a world that looks like a 1970’s Science Fiction Dystopia. Some people take advantage of the changes, others choose to ignore the change. The result is that we feel anxious, but are not sure why.

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