Dear Community Banks: This is Why Your Customers are Leaving

I recently had to make a deposit and fix a small issue with my bank account. I think my community bank has maybe 5 locations in the entire midwest, which means that everyone is cheery and I can always expect christmas lights in the winter and maybe cookies on the table when I walk in there. The staff are attentive and wonderful and always call me sir. “Is there anything else we can do for you, sir?”
Yes. Yes, local community banks, there is something you can do. But it’s less for me and more for you.
The smiles are great and sometimes I consider visiting the bank if for no other reason than to be surrounded by people who’s job seems to be to boost my self esteem at all costs and make me forget the cruel, harsh realities of this world. It is icing on an otherwise mundane task of paying the bank a visit.
But do you think this is why customers are staying with you? (more…)

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