Examples of How to Improve Your Customer Experience

What do you do with customers once you get them?  Many times customers are only contacted again at a yearly review or if they have had a problem.  This passive customer experience doesn’t help you improve sales.  Your customers end up with a relationship with a customer service representative instead of you, their salesperson.  Why is that?  Why do we let customers that took blood, sweat, and tears to find and sell, be pushed to the back of our subconscious, never to reemerge? There needs to be a different way. Sales people need to inject themselves into the customer experience.
Predictive analytics allows you to use your data to find hidden patterns inside your customer experience cycle.  Using these patterns you can work smart to reengage current clients at the right time with the right products/services.  This will allow you to close more sales, more profitable sales, and even keep them from going to a competitor. (more…)

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