Data Science in the NFL: Finding the Right Players and Strategies

Who are the best NFL players and why?  This is a question that NFL teams want to answer, or perhaps they just want confirmation.  NFL teams spend a lot of money on scouts to find the best future players, and on staff to determine if their current players are up to par.  Teams already have sources to tell them who are the best players and why.  So why are some teams beginning to hire data scientists to analyze a players stats to determine his value?  How does data science help determine whether a player is good or not?
With football being perhaps the most popular, talked about, and drama filled sport in America, NFL teams invest a lot of money to become the team that everyone talks about, pays to watch, pays to be endorsed by, and generally just pays.  The best way to do this is to win a Super Bowl (or have Tim Tebow on your team).

How do you win a Super Bowl?


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