Kiewit Construction – 2

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The Problem:

Kiewit Construction, a large construction company, had a project management nightmare. Field reports were collected and then dispersed to executives for them to interpret manually. Identifying a project in trouble was near impossible. The goals shifted from making a profit to stopping a loss. A solution that could digest hundreds of pages of data points and bring to light any problems was needed urgently.

The Solution:

Contemporary Analysis (CAN) built a solution that pulled from the various data sources and presented a clarified version. The input from executives and project managers allowed a predictive model to estimate profit or loss based on data indicators. The resulting dashboard allows executives to drill down on a project when warranted. At the same time the data was now on demand, rather than at the end of the month.


The Results:

  • Executives are better equipped to handle issues brought to them by project managers.
  • Problems are identified before they cause irreparable damage to the project.
  • Projects can use less experienced staff as they can intercede and train as needed.
  • Projects are able to come in on time and under budget more frequently with less waste, leading to greater profitability.


Case Studies

Date published

May 8, 2020