Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska

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The Problem:

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska, a health insurance provider was having a problem with attribution of claims to policy holders. With federal regulations an incorrect correlation would cost them tens of thousands of dollars. The backlog of unmatched information exceeded 2 years. During that time the claims were going unpaid and doctors were leaving the plan.

The Solution:

Contemporary Analysis (CAN) built a solution that looked for matching data points. As the system eliminated obvious matches it continued to connect data points until it paired down the data to a few unknowns. The results were then reviewed by a person to verify or disqualify the results that were inconclusive. Once implemented the system runs in real time and the anomalies are reviewed as part of a regular routine.


The Results:

  • The backlog has gone from 2 years to a few hours of manual review each month.
  • The system has had a 99% success rate in attribution.
  • The insurance provider was able to reduce losses from unattributed claims.
  • Staff is now able to focus on additional areas of their business rather than dedication to a single project.



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Date published

May 8, 2020