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Is Contemporary Analysis (CAN) a startup?

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Contemporary Analysis (CAN) has been around long enough we can’t consider ourselves a startup anymore. But that doesn’t change the mindset of the company.

Startups are scrappy and have lofty ambitions. They also have passion for what they’re doing and are eager to take on new adventures. So, in much the same manner, CAN is a “startup at heart”.

With the diversity of our clients and the problems we solve we have to remain passionate about our industry. We seek those who fuel the same fire and make allies with companies who share our vision.

With our custom software solutions we are constantly looking at what the right fit/structure is. Is this a stand alone offering or is this our next subsidiary waiting to happen?

So “no” we aren’t a startup. But if you’ve got a fire in your belly and a problem we can solve together, we’ll gladly step into the fray with you.

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