Strategy & Vision

Being Data-Driven can be a challenging undergoing for a multitude of reasons. What skills to hire first? What project to start with? Precision or Accuracy? Hire from outside or promote and train within? Many companies struggle to “see the forest through the trees”. There are definitely wrong answers here and pitfalls you need to avoid.

Many companies hire a new employee from outside their organization to lead their new team and then let that person dictate strategy and vision. While that is a way to do it, it certainly isn’t the best way to do it.

Contemporary Analysis (CAN) is has seen many companies, across many verticals, try and fail to implement data-driven decision making. We have seen only a few succeed on their first try. The issue being the person who has the wisdom to build the strategy and vision for the department isn’t the set of skills needed to execute the strategy and vision for the first year in the new department. They eventually bore (or are very unprepared) and either quit or are re-organized into a different role. This leaves your strategy and vision either looked at as wrong or unattainable.

This is where CAN can help. We have the wisdom and experience to help you think through and draft your strategy and vision for taking your company from reporting to data-driven (Whichever level you aspire to). We understand how to ask and understand what your long-term goals are. We have the ability to understand and grasp what idea is just over the horizon. We can find the “wouldn’t it be amazing” solution many of your team have deemed impossible (it isn’t, you just didn’t know how to build it yet). We help you figure out what data-driven actually means and not let you settle for incremental improvement of your current processes.

CAN is your one-stop shop for help with strategy and vision. Then, because we have a bench of knowledgable data scientists skilled in whatever skill is needed for the first few projects, and are willing to train and mentor your new data science team, we become the asset you need to build without fear of failing.

Our goal is to help you to build something great.