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Range Trackr is a spin off of our Tracker software series. The system was revamped to track data points relevant to firearms and law enforcement equipment.

One of the challenges with firearms is tracking the useful life of the internal components. At a certain certain points metal is fatigued, worn away, or just deformed enough you sacrifice either safe function or accuracy. Both of which are bad when dealing with firearms.

Add to that the need to figure out what the best configuration of a given weapon looks like. Does trigger A work well with barrel B and optic C for example. Each of these variables need to track how they interact with one another.

Range Trackr keeps a detailed record of: round count on components, target history, training classes, weapon malfunctions by type/round count, and more.

This level of tracking allows a law enforcement agency, with a tight budget, to replace parts rather than entire equipment. Knowing out of the 3000 service pistols in a department only 200 need to be completely replaced is a game changer.

Also, we can track the service life of mission critical elements with a shelf life. The system will be able to alert departments: “Narcan in cars 231, 421, 553, and 009 will expire next week.” or “The trauma kid in unit 418 has expired quick-clot.”

Our hopes are to work with the firearm industry and law enforcement agencies to help make better data driven decisions through tracking. Range Trackr could be a game changer for the budgetary constraints of departments everywhere.

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