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How many data scientists do you have?

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We pride ourselves on prioritizing the features of a software and pairing it to the greatest ROI. With our ability to train your staff on any software that is currently offered the opportunities are endless.

We get asked this question a lot. While its an easy answer to throw out a quick number the “Why” is much more germane to our business model.

In our early days we had several data scientists on staff. Because these people are hard to find and they are in high demand they were “lured” away from us at 2-3 times the salary. We completely understood the situation and remained friends with our “alumni” data scientists.

However, the desire to jump into complex problem solving or to work on things that are from all over the data science spectrum never leaves our former employees. Many of them continue to do night and weekend work for us when their current employer allows it.

Instead of having a full time staff, we run a lean shop that can scale up and down as needed. We have a core group of 5 people and we can scale up to as many as 15-20 with our “bench” of specialists.

We work with data scientists who need to be challenged with complex and unusual problems. This makes us great for research and development projects because nothing is out of bounds. Our team also has a rich work life balance being able to be there for families and friends when they need to.

Overall the setup we have attracts the right kind of talent. We are in the unique place of being able to work with anyone who wants to, but not anchoring them to a desk with a specific task.

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