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How long are your typical engagements?

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The short answer is as little or as long as you’d like us to. We work at the pace of our clients and their needs. Frequently the circumstances and situation change so we adapt to meet those needs.

When we engage with a client we put everything in a statement of work (SOW). The SOW format is great because it allows us to work directly with clients when needed, work independently of clients when beneficial, and adapt when needed.

We are somewhat unique in the fact we can be your data science team, we can supplement and train your data science team, and we can step in when needed by your data science team.

We’ve been engaged in a few projects that were a few hours worth of work. Other clients want to have a bank of hours to tap into when needed. And yet others engage and disengage over the course of several years.

Ultimately, as long as we’re on the same page as our clients needs and expectations, we’re here to help when they need us.

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