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How do you choose a software?

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At Contemporary Analysis (CAN) we’re fairly software agnostic. Frequently we’re working to either enhance a “legacy” system or replace one. That means we need to be well versed in whatever we run across.

Luckily for us, with our diverse team, we can task the right people for the right job. That way we can handle the changes and challenges of different solutions and platforms in real time.

When it comes to choosing a software it all depends on the variables. These variables may include:

  • What other software packages are being used in your organization currently.
  • Future expansion of software needs
  • Features of the software and if they are truly a benefit or a “bell & whistle”
  • Budgetary constraints and how that changes the license type
  • Overall familiarity of your team to execute on solution post install.

We pride ourselves on prioritizing the features of a software and pairing it to the greatest ROI. With our ability to train your staff on any software that is currently offered the opportunities are endless.

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