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How do I get my own internal team of Data Scientists?

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We realized there was an industry wide shortage of people trained in the ways of Data Science. So, to meet the needs of a (then) fledgling segment of business, we created the Omaha Data Science Academy (ODSA)

The ODSA gives us the option to train an entire team for you. We’ve found the best (internal) data science teams come from people who already work for you.

Chances are the team you need is already employed and looking for a challenge and career advancement. We see the adoption of data driven decisions accelerate with teams that come from within.

Of course, that isn’t always an option. So, we can help carry the load of your data science needs until you find the right people. Regardless if you’re hiring true data scientists or looking for people who can be trained up, we’ve got the flexibility and options to make it work in the long run.

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