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Have you ever worked with a Fortune 500 company?

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“Yes” is the very short answer to that question, several times. At Contemporary Analysis we’ve worked with companies of all sizes and types. We’re just as comfortable working with a small startup as we are a large multi national organization.

The “size” of the company isn’t as big of a deal to us as their ability to embrace data driven decision making. We found that smaller companies who are looking for a competitive advantage are quicker to make changes with data.

Larger companies are slower to move by nature, but also face the “This is the way we’ve always done it” syndrome. Internal politics, budgetary constraints, staffing, physical location, and more can help feed this mindset.

To that end we created our Data Hierarchy series to help educate the C-suite. Data driven initiatives pushed from the team level up the chain of command can be seen as an expense at first.

However, when the data solution is in place it may end up saving the company significant amounts of money compared to the initial costs.

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