The Problem:

A large food manufacturer (name withheld due to NDA) acquired several co- manufacturing plants. They could not co mingle data from other manufacturers for their batch tracking. They require a 2 hour window to execute a recall should it occur as well. An SAP solution required 70 licenses which was cost prohibitive. Internal teams were backlogged and unable to complete the development. A batch simplified batch tracking solution was needed.

Warehouse Products Storage. Huge Food Storage Facility. Tall Warehouse Racks.
CAN 500X500

The Solution:

Contemporary Analysis (CAN) built a solution that not only tracked batches to the level of detail required but provided reports in minutes rather than hours. The solution was cloud based to allow for future growth, ease of use, and cost effective execution. CAN was allowed to retain the IP for this project on the basis that the food company was the first customer. The subscription based software fits the needs of small to mid sized manufacturing companies who don’t have the capital to spend on enterprise level solutions.

The Results:

  • Final solution was 2% of the enterprise level solution cost in year 1.
  • The same solution has resulted in a spin off for an up and coming industry.
  • Data can be ported into the legacy system by the parent company.
  • Multi language support allows for use in other facilities outside the US.
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