Data Science In-a-Box

It can be daunting to figure out how to make your organization more data-driven.  Where to begin?  What software do I need?  How do I develop the right skills and capabilities internally?  How much do I need to invest to see results?  The list could go on and on. And without answers to these and many more questions, it is risky to move forward.

This is exactly why we developed the concept of Data Science In-a-Box.

Data Science In-a-Box is a fully COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) way to implement data science into your organization. It includes everything you would need to get started with data science in one solution. This includes all the software licenses, coaching, training, strategy, and people power needed to deliver results in 90 days. The goal is to give you the certainty to move forward with confidence that something isn’t being missed, that you will see results, and you won’t see unexpected costs.

This solution is intended to give you the training and guidance to take over the implementation and maintenance of your data science team, to the extent you wish. Our purpose is to give you the momentum to become a successful data-driven company and to provide support and guidance as needed going forward.

Data Science In-a-Box literally removes 7-9 months of time to ROI–7-9 months you can spend building more and better models of your data. Data Science In-a-Box doesn’t cost you money, it makes you money.

And, it has proven to be the fastest and most reliable way to implement data science into an organization. Period.