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Contemporary Analysis

Contemporary Analysis was founded on the premise that there is always a better way. In fact, we exist to help you find better ways to work smart. We do this using a methodology called predictive analytics.
Predictive analytics involves collecting data about your business and customers, and then applying theory and math to build simple systems to help you work more effectively and efficiently.
Our systems are tailored to fit your company no matter how big or small or what industry you are in. We have built simple systems for fast-growing technology companies, Fortune 500 companies as well as small companies in a variety of industries including community colleges, insurance companies, software companies and engineering firms.
This video is the story of how I was first introduced to entrepreneurship and predictive analytics, and my journey from running a landscaping company to being the CEO of Contemporary Analysis.  I decided to make this my first video post.  I tell this story often, because it helps to illustrate CAN‘s mission of making the benefits of predictive analytics accessible to both landscaping and Fortune 500 companies.

A Tour of Contemporary Analysis HQ

Since we started January 2008, Contemporary Analysis has moved headquarters 8 times.  We have spent time in employee’s kitchens, parent’s basements, a forgotten university cubicle, a hip technology incubator, and a low rent apartment.  In April 2011, after 3 nomadic years, Contemporary Analysis moved into our first real office at 1209 Harney St., Suite 200, Omaha, NE 68102.  The building was built in 1880 by an iron and hardware wholesaler, and now is very contemporary.  We love that our building is just like us; blue collar roots with a contemporary future.
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