Staff Augmentation

“It takes 10 people to build it, and 2 people to run it.” is a common theme among people who work with data.


Contemporary Analysis (CAN) understands the challenges associated with an ambitious data project.  The cost of (temporarily) hiring additional staff quickly becomes cost prohibitive.


Our solution to helping companies build at scale?  Staff Augmentation.


CAN will work with your internal teams to help scale up the staff dedicated to the project.  By adding our team to your project we can increase speed, help with project scope, expand best practices, and generally keep your team from burning out.


We can staff augment for a single project, a set time frame, or on a recurring basis.  Our strength is in our ability to scale.


Contemporary Analysis owns and operates the Omaha Data Science Academy (ODSA).  Because we can train data scientists as needed, no project is too large.

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