Recruiting of Data Scientists

Finding a Data Scientist is not an easy task. Its difficult to find the right mix of talent and tenure to fill an opening.

Contemporary Analysis (CAN) is in a unique position within the Data Science community.

CAN owns and operates the Omaha Data Science Academy (ODSA). Through this academy we have helped people of all backgrounds become fully fledged Data Scientists.

When staff training isn’t an option for a company, we can reach out to our alumni network. At any given time we have students who are nearing the end of the academy or data scientists who are looking for a new challenge or greater responsibility.

If you’re a hiring manager who has been looking for someone for a while we can help. CAN has the ability to staff augment while you look for the perfect candidate!

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CAN at InfoTec 2019

on April 3, 2019

Contemporary Analysis had not one, but two of our guys speaking at InfoTec 2019! Nate Watson, President of Contemporary Analysis, gave a talk about how to hire and retain Data…

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