As a data scientist at CAN you will have the unique experience of working at a startup and also consulting with Fortune 500 companies. You get to solve critical problems that other people have not been able to solve. Your work environment will be fast paced, and you be expected to work independently.

Data Scientists have to embrace complexity. They have to understand math, computer science, and business. They have to be able to work with data to find patterns, and use those patterns to create value for the business.

As a data scientist you have to figure out how to solve the problem, find the tools you need, and build the solution. This takes a level of determination that is rare, but required. As a data scientist you will have to be willing to get dirty sifting, sorting, structuring, categorizing, analyzing and presenting data.

Primary Responsibilities:

Advanced Project Management:  Advanced project management skills are required, because the Data Scientist is responsible for working with clients to manage the project starting with discovery, implementation through post-implementation follow-up.

Discovery: Data Scientist will work at all executive levels to help design solutions that will meet the needs of the client.  To be able to design creative solutions that go beyond simple client feature requests will require Data Scientist to have an advanced familiarity with modeling, mathematics and statistics. Also, during the discovery phase the Data Scientist will coordinate with the COO and Navigator to develop project budgets.

Implementation:  Since CAN offers analytical solutions as a service, implementation can last from a month to several years.  This creates a unique project management scenario that requires continuous monitoring to ensure that the project does not fall behind.

Post Implementation:  The Data Scientist working with the Navigator will maintain a positive relationship with the client, ensure ongoing deliverables are met, and assess any future need for CAN’s services.  In some cases the Data Scientists will need to record best practices from the project, or write specific business issue case studies.

Training and Coaching:  Data Scientists are responsible for participating in training and coaching.  Data Scientists are responsible for becoming experts in their fields and staying current on the latest technology, research, and business trends.  Data Scientists will be expected to keep continuing their education by networking with peers, reading current research, pursuing unique projects that test their skills, and taking advanced classes when possible.

Team and Product Development: While CAN’s Executives are ultimately responsible for making final strategy and hiring decisions, it is import that every team member is actively involved in research and developing new products, improving customer service, hiring new team members and developing any other improvements to CAN’s team.

Publishing and Speaking: Data Scientists are encouraged to develop an area of expertise related to data science, publish at least one article a month on, host and participate in webinars and online discussions, and present at local and national conferences.  The purpose of these articles, discussions and presentations are to establish CAN as an industry leader and expert, as well as generate sales leads.

Travel:  Contemporary Analysis (“CAN”) is a national brand.  This allows us to not limit our employees by geography.  While we pride ourselves on not being limited by geography, we also pride ourselves in being a premium brand focused on providing an excellent customer experience, and this includes meeting clients face to face.

Data Scientists are expected to:

  • Travel up to 10% of the time outside of Omaha, NE
  • Operate own automobile with reimbursement for food and mileage at CAN’s rate as issued by CAN in its discretion from time to time
  • Travel by coach air travel and spend night(s) in hotels
  • Navigate unfamiliar cities using a GPS and printed maps
  • Maintain appearance and health while on multi-day/night trips

Secondary Responsibilities:

Company Responsibilities:  Data Scientists are expected to participate in meetings and retreats, and to provide recommendations to improve the company’s performance, and also engage in team building events.

Community Service:  Contemporary Analysis expects its employees to actively give back to the community.  CAN encourages its employees to become involved in service clubs such as Rotary International, engage in charitable activities, and to become involved in civic activities such as Chambers of Commerce.

Continuing Education:  The foundation of CAN is built on the pursuit of excellence.  Therefore, each Data Scientist is expected to keep current on applicable business trends as well as read books or listen to podcasts to expand their knowledge base.

Relevant Experience and Education:

Education: Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited institution, with a degree in Economics with multiple classes in econometrics, and/or degree in Computer Science. Also, it is very helpful to have an education in business.

Consulting: CAN works in a consulting environment that requires the following skills:

  • Ability to maintain focus in highly-charged environments and manage competing priorities. This includes experience managing multiple projects simultaneously against tight deadlines, managing client expectations, and maximizing client satisfaction relative to solution profitability.
  • Experience solving business issues with the consultative application of advanced analytics and/or information technology. This includes being able work alongside the client to create a solution.
  • Strong presentation and client management skills – up to the highest executive level.  This includes being able to explain highly detailed and technical subject matter to non-technical audience, and being able to present and sell analytical concepts to clients.

Technical: CAN works with a variety of applications, programming languages and methods. It is important that applicants are familiar with SPSS, Tableau, Python, MySQL, R, jQuery, data visualization, bayesian statistics, multiple regression analysis, econometrics modeling, and research methods.


To apply:

please send an email explaining why you would like to work for CAN as well as a link to your up-to-date LinkedIn to:

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