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One of the hardest challenges for companies who are doing more with their data is staffing.

Highly educated data professionals are difficult to find and expensive to hire. Working with data isn’t something most people can “wing it” either. So how do you fill a skilled position without breaking the bank? Let us train your existing people.

Contemporary Analysis (CAN) recognized the benefits of cultivating a data scientist from within. You’ve already hired them so there isn’t a long drawn out process to get them started.

Most companies have someone who is eager to advance their career with data. The really good data people are almost always chomping at the bit to learn more. When they already work for you they know the software, the politics, and the passwords.

CAN owns and operates the Omaha Data Science Academy (ODSA). Our fully accredited academy is designed to help expand the skills of your existing team.

We offer classes twice a week and at night. Our students come from different backgrounds and companies. The instructors are data scientists who are still working in the field.

The course catalog is built on real world needs. As the industry changes and data science evolves, so does our class.

Chances are you’ve already hired the person who you’re looking for. We can help them become the data scientist you need.

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