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Innovation can be the difference between success and failure. Companies are always looking for an edge over their competition.

Internal teams are often set to task with the day to day operations. Being so close to the data its difficult to see what could be on the horizon.

Hiring a staff to build prototypes and flesh out ideas is cost prohibitive as well. There may not be enough work to keep them employed for more than a few months.

Contemporary Analysis (CAN) brings options to the table when it comes to R&D. Our structure allows us to work in conjunction with your team or completely independent of your team.

Working with your internal team we can build the solutions that are beyond the capacity of your team. At the same time we work with them to make sure the eventual “hand off” is as seamless as possible. CAN also has the ability to train or level set additional staff if needed.

As an external company, tasked with research and development, we can do what your internal team may be afraid of attempting. We can stand up a working prototype quickly and hand it over to your team.

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CAN at InfoTec 2019

on April 3, 2019

Contemporary Analysis had not one, but two of our guys speaking at InfoTec 2019! Nate Watson, President of Contemporary Analysis, gave a talk about how to hire and retain Data…

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