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When a company decides to move toward data driven decisions there has to be a first step. That first step, if poorly executed, can be a difficult and expensive lesson to learn.

Hiring a team to “do Data Science” is challenging because you haven’t clearly defined what your needs are.

Not to worry, that’s where we can help. Contemporary Analysis (CAN) has the expertise and the resources to make your first steps worth while.

We like to use a racing analogy to explain exactly how we can help with your Data Science needs.

1st 100 laps: We jump in the drivers seat with you (the company) in the passenger seat. We run 100 laps around the track showing you how its done. We go over every detail and answer every question along the way.

2nd 100 laps: We switch seats and drive another 100 laps. We point out the best way to approach the next segment of track. We answer questions that come up and generally provide real time assistance as you drive the car.

3rd 100 laps: We jump out of the car and jump on the radio in the pit lane. You’re on your own but if you need help, we’re right there with you. If something goes wrong we’re right there to help you get back on the track as quickly as possible.

Or if you’d like us to have all the fun on the track, we’ll be your driver for the whole race!

We have the tools and the expertise to stand up solutions quickly, help your team(s) run them, and build for the future success of your data driven decisions.

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